3Es: Educate, Empower, Engage

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund, the 3Es Project is an innovative and exciting project to help reach and support Moroccan and Arabic-speaking women, and encourage them to reach their potential. The project endeavours to support these women to access local services, gain training, seek employment and generally be more active within their local community.

The aim is to ‘Educate, Empower and Engage’ – the three Es – helping women feel more confident by providing them with the tools that will give them awareness of what’s available to them within the local community.

In order to serve this client group best, we have forged partnerships with an array of different local services; thus ensuring all our clients’ needs are met, and best outcomes achieved.

A large number of Moroccan and Arabic-speaking women face enormous hurdles and barriers in accessing paid employment. Many are single parents with health problems in addition to other social challenges. They often lack accredited qualifications and generally have very low incomes as a result of benefit dependency.

We provide a safe and motivating environment, running workshops for personal development, confidence building and employability.

The project supports the women to access

  • training
  • courses
  • education
  • better work
  • CV and career support

We also accompany women who need extra support to their assessments with external agencies/colleges.

The project also aims to help the ladies with anything that could be preventing them from accessing any of this support i.e. childcare, financial difficulty, etc. We also try to help the women put in correct requests for funding support and filling out application forms.

Al Hasaniya is working closely with Clement James on their established and successful Into Work programme. We have set up internal workshops at the centre providing work club sessions including employment advice and guidance, as well as CV and job search sessions with a trained worker at the centre (by appointment only).

For further information please contact project leader: Ibtesam Hassan on 020 8969 2292 or email ibtesam@al-hasaniya.org.uk